Universally yours.....

Long ago we were one
Part of the same matter!

Someone say Big Bang
Someone say Planetissimal

Whatever may be the reason
We are no more one

We travelled  in two different directions
I don’t know how many light years

And now when I look back
There  is no trace of you

You  away from me
Me standing  in vain

Never coming into  terms
Never doing any exchange

I and you on two sides of  universal brim
Meeting you became a distant dream

Universal once we are
Now remain completely strange

Now..I feel its enough my dear
no more separation I can bear
If that's the only means 
Then... let that happen

Let the world once again merge
So that we fuse once again as one


(For Poets United: Verse First ~A place in the universe…)


VaNdAnA ShArMa said…
Let the prayers be heard, souls do merge...
Kim Nelson said…
I love the truth you share of all-encompassing connections. I also feel the sad yearning when literal connection is lost.
Scott Matthews said…
Romancing the cosmos, wonderful idea, wonderful longing.
Even as we travel in different directions, we are not apart as long as thought/memory exists: We're connected, and that is never diminished....
Anonymous said…
Connections ....followed by disconnections... so it goes a universal experience....the loneliness, the longing to reconnect! Beautifully expressed(Social) Justice
Sherry Blue Sky said…
The journey of life - so many connections, disconnections, breaking of ties. And yet, within each of us, all that those others gave to us helped to make us who we are, so are still a part of us. Loved this.
McGuffy Ann said…
This is such a genuine piece. I could relate entirely.
Mary said…
I feel the yearning here....strongly!
Akila G said…
Distance does matter, sometimes! felt the frankness here!

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