Never trust…
Truth keeps changing!

Time… situation
Anything can happen!

Truth is so vulnerable…
Never relay!

Truth is sharper
It pierces your heart
It shatters your thought

Any moment…
It can break your concept
Never transmit!

Truth is bitter
It changes your flavor
It alters your pleasure

Any instant…
It can take what you require
Never broadcast!

Truth is thinner
It makes you transparent
It brews you to manifest

On the spot…..
It presents you as naked
Never conduct!

Truth is wild my dear…
Never hold it!

It burns …till the very core!

It chars …till you are no more!!

(For Poets United: Verse First ~The Wild Truth)


VaNdAnA ShArMa said…
But still we have to gulp down truth , no matter how sour it is...
Anonymous said…
I love your writing, the intensity and almost hysterical nature of this poem. Truth can be terrifying but truth is beauty =)
All those things and more!
Mary said…
You have captured many of truth's facets.
Bon said…
Quick and breathy poem which sounds almost like a spell chanted over a magic cauldron.
Kim Nelson said…
Oh my goodness! This seems the opposite of what I see as truth, yet none of it is false. Perspective is so interesting. I am glad you shared this at Verse First.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Yes, what Kim said........very powerfully written, you convinced me, then I had to give my head a shake and remember what I believe. I love the comment about it being an incantation. Yes! You have written a Wild Truth for sure.
PT said…
thanks buddies for all your valuable comments!

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