Try your own trek ........

Sitting pretty well
Within the four walls
You never  realized
The life beyond the bars

Being stupid always
Keeps you happy
Being timid always
Makes you safe

It requires courage
To be authentic
It requires conviction
To be estimable

I agree
Being ignorant always gives bliss
Life is a rose bed for the obliged

But you know dear….

There is a charm in being rebel
There is a pleasure in bearing pain

In life what you achieve by suffering
That’ the thing …that  leads to elation

Anyone can walk on paved way
Try your own trek dear…
You are sure to reach the peak!

(For Poets United: Verse First ~An Authentic Life)


Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love this advice - I followed it and recommend it highly!!!
Kim Nelson said…
LOvely, but you forgot to limit yourself to under 13 lines, as the prompt requires.
alan1704 said…
Very nice and such emotion, well done
WabiSabi said…
Great way to live! Especially love the trekking your own way! Rumi's Beloved
Mary said…
Yes, we each can reach our own peak. Well penned.
PT said…
Hey sorry! I didn't notice it at all
Akila G said…
wonderful! very positive!
There is safety in our four walls, but I agree with your words, once we get past the pain there is pleasure!
Anonymous said…
Hi, thanks for sharing this get-up-and-go poem. A wake-up call. I like the first three verses - a poem itself which really works, I think. I like the way you use the house as a prison - a safe house - to create the image of breaking out and seeing what is beyond the barriers we create for ourselves.
"It requires conviction to be estimable..." What a fantastic line. Sure, it went longer than the required length, but as it unfolded, there was too much in the way of good thoughts to be counting lines! This is an unapologetic call to courage, to activism, to living life out loud. First time here, and thank God I clicked on you! Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore
PT said…
Really glad to hear all those good words from all of you...
This is the most number of comments I have ever received for any of my post.
But let me tell you... when I saw the prompt, I was thinking.."what kind of prompt?. it took me ~30 minutes to write and edit it...once I saw the product I was thinking like O.K.
But never expected this much appreciation
thanks a lot for every one for their appreciation!

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