God's Abode!

Just like the words
Aiming to frame a verse
Me looking for a path
That reaches up to you

All the hopes bundled
All the dreams gathered
Me yearning all the time
For that single abode

World perhaps never recognizes me
Rather I am never related to the world
Whatever may be the case…
My only interest is your embrace

Aspiring for the peace
Hoping for the solace 
Me searching all the life
For your distinct glance

Your path, your abode…
Your embrace and kind glance
What else I require for living

The very thought of being in your presence…
On the other end
Makes worthy … this my very existence 

(for Poets United: Poetry Pantry #170)


slowlearner68 said…
expression of feelings par excellence,must be for very important one.
Leslie said…
an simple and hopeful message of hope

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