PT-It's Me!

Realisations are like mirrors

Everything reflects back to you

The image appears perfect

But for the twist…

Left becomes right, right becomes left

I was just wondering….is that one look is not sufficient enough to change your whole perspective about a certain someone/ something

I think…rather I’s more than sufficient

But definitely hard to swallow in

Very harsh to count on

Very glaring to see changing positions

The moment you turn…everything takes a flip

Life goes from right to left

Or should I say…life itself becomes left

One moment everything is there..
The other moment you are left all alone

So many experiences…. yet I have not learned the art of making over

Yet I am sensitive

So much time spent with the rocks….yet I have not become rock solid

Yet I shed tears

Hey…you sitting up there and enjoying all the fun

When will you put full stop to this drama called…

PT-It’s Me!


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