I don’t know what is Goa tourism’s slogan,

 I just returned from GOA….

What I feel is …Go…Goa…Green

My goodness…there is not a single stretch,

All the way… from North Goa to South Goa,
Where you can’t find the greenery...

Unless of course…you are directly on the sea.

(Even the beach side…you find some are other kind of plantation).

The green canopy and the place holding …still ...the old world charm!
Really people living in Goa will definitely have a longer life span compare to average Indian.

Apart from this …one or two other things made it little more interesting place.

Here…public smoking, spitting and urination make you pay fine and they almost strictly follow the rule.

There is no VAT on petrol…it costs something around rupees 59/- compare to 80/- something of Hyderabad, I really appreciate the government for this kind of simple yet powerful measures which will have a positive impact on people residing .

Whether its sundown cruises over River Mandovi or sunset at Anjuna beach

Whether it’s serenity at Mayem Lake or the Basilica of Bom Jesus  

Goa takes your breath away... and fills you with the ultimate joy of life

Go… indulge in Green Goa….refresh your soul!


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