Hot Cup of Tea....

I never know…

When I tied knot with you

But since then I know

You are like my forever part

I begin the day with you

And come to you...

Whenever I want some ease!

Smoking hot

With looks so tempting

You invite me…

 To take you into my hands

The moment you touch my lips

My heart opens up

My mind freshen up

When I gulp you warm

Descending down my throat

Really you do wonders

You enhance my verve

You lift up my spirit

You improve my time

You stretch my thought

Thank you…

For being there always for me

To loosen my strings

To stretch my wings

(for Poets United:Verse First ~Food & Writing and Writing & Food)


Kim Nelson said…
I, too, am a passionate tea drinker. Coffee consumers have nothing on us!
Akila G said…
ha! the hot steaming cup is inviting! :)

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