You paved the way….

Quite often I feel
What I would have been….
Without reading you

How I would have known
All these feelings
How I would have known
All these emotions

You took me along with you
In to the lanes of loneliness
In to the lands of togetherness
You paved the way….
For me to reach the state of blissfulness

You mesmerized me with your words
You made me to define …what love is
You captured me with your imagination
You made to learn…what life is

How wonderful were those moments
When I was reading your books
With dreamy eyes...enduring aims
Trying to write…same kind of poetry
That melts the heart and freezes the mind.

(for Poets United:Verse First ~Writers are Lovers)


Anonymous said…
ur too good with words,the last line really freezes mind.

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