Read your mind…Listen to your heart

Sometimes certain small small revelations make you realize the bigger aspects of life
Evening I was thinking about the wastage of food in our house
How much, why and what to do etc

But the thinking has made me to realize that…
All through life I was bothering about so many things being wasted
Actually I was and still I am…very conscious about wasting…
Especially water and electricity

I am very particular about complete utilisation…never to waste anything

But alas…I have seldom bothered about applying this aspect with reference to ….
One very very significant aspect!

I don’t know why…but really I started estimating ….how much I have wasted
The most important thing called LIFE!

How fully I have utilised my life till today
How content I am with the things around
Have I taken enough measures to improve the quality of life
How often I feel happy and how often I feel sad about things around

Unfortunately most of the answers to these questions are same….
Very less, very little, very few, seldom….

So…what should I do…?
Where from I should start…bothering or not bothering
Introspection is going on….

Self examination is the right thing to start with…I think

So.... All of you…
Take some time out to read your mind…listen to your heart

Live life to the fullest….

Don’t waste it on unnecessary things

Have a good day


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