You never know…

How the words erupt

How the words effect

The sharp little words

The harsh nasty words

The words like arrows

 The words like bullets

They pierce through the heart

Break it into pieces

You never realize

How the words thrash the feel

How the words take away the sense

The creeping worm like words

The clinging glue like words

The cutting knife like words

The hitting hammer like words

They bore into the mind

Shatter all the thoughts

Never utter those words....

The words which can never be taken back

The words which can never be made straight

The words which build walls between the hearts

The words which twist the routes along the paths

Do you know the power of words?

They kill the person…when they are still alive

They tear the soul…which is full of shape

Don’t let your tongue loose

They say…think twice before you say

I say…never say when you are out of sway

Word has its own life…give it love and warmth

Nurture it… before you let it out of your mouth

(for Poets United:Verse First ~He Said She Said)


Mary said…
You are right. One should definitely think before speaking because often the sting from the words can last a long, long time. I like all the detail you used in your poem!

(PT, hope you will make some visits to other poets today as well. We ALL enjoy having our poems commented on.....)
Robert Bourne said…
wise words.. once spoken they cannot be taken back
Liked it but the blogger template makes it difficult to post comments from tablets and smartphones. It was almost impossible to comment from my tablet. Next time I will visit when I am at my desktop. The poem was a good read though and on point with the theme.
alan1704 said…

Word has its own life…give it love and warmth - Great advice and such truth, this makes you think really about what we say.
Anonymous said…
So true. Someone will be thinking for days or months or years on a careless comment that came out of our mouths. We should never forget the power that words have
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Yes, the words (and actions) that can never be taken back....profound message in this poem.
slow learner68 said…
rightly said,in fact any single word has many meaning with respect to person interpreting or circumstances.but,its true that one has to think before uttering it.good one.
Suzy said…
Yes words can hurt very deeply so we should be careful what we say. And sometimes words are misunderstood and meanings misconstrued.
Kim Nelson said…
WORDS! Powerful, aren't they? We choose to influence for the good or the bad with each word uttered.

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