Definition of LOVE...

I am sure…everyone in this world might have had the experience of love with someone, somewhere in their journey of life, at least for some time.

Can anyone specifically define love...?

Of course…I too never bothered to have the definition!

But today suddenly I felt like having the definition of LOVE
When I checked the online thesaurus,
All these following words came as defining love!

Feel affection for
Be in love with
Be devoted to
Care for
Find irresistible
Be keen on
Be fond of

It appears so stupid…
And nothing seems accurate!

Every above word that describes love has… a specific connotation of expression
And nothing seems exactly befitting the feeling of love!

People have discovered the “GOD Particle”
But seems that they are not yet successful in defining love in a single word!

After thinking for a while I came to a conclusion that….growth is the word synonymous with love

When you grow as a person, let it be in any aspect or any relationship! (Personal/ Professional/ Societal), being in association with a particular person and that particular person’s companionship is responsible for... enhancing your inbuilt qualities, your character and YOU in total!

Then that is LOVE!

Otherwise ….it can be any of the definitions given above!


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