The Fantastic Four…Two

It’s during my graduation times.

We are the first batch of girls into that degree college (previously it was only boy’s college)
That too in Geology…we are only four girls in the total strength of around 30 students.
(One can easily guess what kind of importance we girls have in the college).

I don’t exactly remember when, where and why… I started talking to this guy.
Sooner we became good friends.
His house is just adjacent to our college
So, whenever the classes are not there or during lunch breaks we use to go to his house
And sooner I became like a family member.
It’s a big family in deed with three brothers, (two married and one un-married), sisters-in law, their children and his parents and use to have a great rapport with each one of them.

I always feel that “a person need not be extra-ordinary to bring extra-ordinary change in you!”
By his looks, by his language, by his attire, by his status… he is just average!
But when I take him in totality….he is simply a superb person and a great friend!

The highlight of our friendship is…. not even for a single moment, not even in a single instance…the feeling that I am a girl –he is a boy sort of thing came in between us, that too when we are in prime teenage. I still wonder… it gives me really a wonderful feeling to think that in the magic spell of friendship there is no gender bias!

We did post-graduation together. Though he got admission in Bombay IIT. He left and joined O.U for sake of all our gang of friends.

He is a good listener, he understood me like no other person at that time…he stood by me when I got married suddenly during my M.Sc. (previous), when I was just twenty, against my parents wish.

He was there in my every celebration whether its marriage, my daughter’s birthday or any festivity in my life. I still remember how till late night we use to decorate my drawing room with balloons and color ribbons to surprise my daughter on her birthday.

His love and affection was unconditional, he never put any demands nor raised any doubts!
He just had been a friend!

I always feel that no other person better understood the meaning of a friend than him

He taught me the supreme lesson of life

Value the relation…irrespective of its genre!

Now we are miles apart…but when I recollect those days…
The nostalgia of his friendship still gives me the feeling that…

I am the lucky person to have such friend, though for a particular period, in my life!


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