Be Dynamic... Have Life Flowing!

Today I am wearing a sari, 22 years old, presented by someone during my marriage!
After wearing that sari, I was thinking how we preserve things…years together!
How we cling to people, how we don’t let go off things!

The problem with preservers, like me, is they preserve both good and bad things
They can’t distinguish between …what is required to be preserved and what should be let go!

By doing so we accumulate things…
There will be a few good things
But I am sure…there will be more junk!

Just like a PC… we all have a limited memory!
So, as we accumulate…our processor becomes slow…day by day!

Unless you regularly delete unnecessary things…
And update the data base
You become obsolete!

So, today I felt that one should not indulge into… too much of attachment!
With any one or with anything…

If you do so….
Life will become stagnant over a period of time
And you become static,

Leave the space so that new things can enter
Be dynamic!

Have life flowing!


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