Survival of the Fittest....

There is one song of Mukesh..….

बस यही अपराध मै हर बार करता हू
आदमी हू आदमी से प्यार करता हू

I really like the song for its meaningful lyrics!!

I don’t’ know why, but since when I am quite young
I started realizing that it’s foolish to believe people for their face value and phase value.

But still you know... “Old habits die hard”
I still believe people!
I trust them in spite of so many back bites
Is it wrong...being human…trusting another human

Why people change colors/values to safeguard them…
That too at the cost of others!!

Really I am heartbroken today

Long back a friend of mine told me

Its Survival of the Fittest….Not The Best

But still I am unable forgo the best part of me...
Still I am unable to become Fit….to survive


I will extinguish quite a bit early than the "FIT PEOPLE"

GOOD…….for me!!


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