The Fantastic Four…One

I don’t know exactly when I met her….
I am not even five (being August born) …on my first day of school
But since the day one of my school till 10th class
We are like one soul residing in two bodies!

More over staying in the neighbor hood, my father and her father being good friends...
We have an added advantage to spend time together!

We use to go everywhere together …we use to do everything together!
We are never bored of each other…

I still remember the shower baths and the water games during summer
Most of the day she is use to be in my house…
(As both my parents are working…there is none to bother us)

We are always together…playing, eating, going to studies and writing poetry!
(We two began at quite an early age!)
I still treasure the greetings with her poetry,
The letters she use to post during summer vacation!

Two things… (Though good ones on my personal front…bad with reference to our friendship) …
Changed the course of our friendship a little bit

1) During my 8th standard, we constructed our own house and shifted to a new place!
So, we have been separated…

2) In my 10th board exams I got first class (the only first class in my whole government school with three mediums of teaching…Urdu, Telugu and English) and she got second class...
So, we are forced to take admission in different colleges and been further separated! In time and space!

Still we use to meet whenever the time permits

To become Doctors and serve the needy

We have really studied hard…
But alas …though she performed nicely in her medical entrance…
She failed in her inter (plus two) exam itself!
And I missed my medical seat by two marks!

We are heartbroken…

Being a lit bit weird…I thought that... it’s a national loss
It has missed a great doctor in making

Being too sensitive…she thought …it’s a personal loss
She has committed suicide!

We are just into our sweet sixteen…
I lost her….I lost her permanently!

But till today…she resides with me!
She is my first love!
She is my first friend
She is my best friend

She taught me the greatest lesson of life

“Love is unconditional”

She gave me that unconditional love
And unconditional support till the end.

May her soul rest in peace


pistaboy said…
emotion triggering. I could feel the subtle feeling which you expressed with your tacit usage of your words!

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