What For You Live???

Yesterday night I went to dinner along with my daughters
During the course of meal, my younger daughter asked me a question
“Do you live to eat or eat to live”
My answer was…eat to live! (But of course, I enjoy good food)

Once I came back home….I was just thinking about that answer in little detail…
According to my answer I eat to live….but strangely…I got a doubt…first of all....
Why should I eat? what for I live?

Seriously…after thinking throughout the night also,
I couldn’t find a single meaningful reason for which I live!
Children, husband, education, carrier, friends…nowhere…I can tell that I am irreplaceable!

To be frank it’s not even the question of being required or not required by some one!
Definitely…it’s neither the exact answer nor the exact reason to live or not to live!

Suddenly I started wondering that…in this many years of my life…
Till now… I really don’t know exactly for what I am living!

I was living just for sake of living!

Never realized that….
There is no big achievement, there is no big goal, and there is not even a single strong ambition!

I am a stupid…
I will put forth the same stupid question to all of you!

How many of you can answer in a single straight word without any blink and without any hesitation……

The exact reason for what you are living!

I know…most of you can’t…..

When you realize this...
Isn’t life looks so artificial and….all the things we do are just fake?

We just go with the flow…
We just live because we feel there is no other way out!
Because…we feel that we don’t have any other choice to live better!!

Stop living this kind of life further!

At least now... try to make your rest of life meaningful...
Do a thing or two really worth of living!
(not the things you do just because of responsibility)

It may not be big things…
Like Tata’s and Birla’s kind of work

Little good things…which makes….
Others happy and your life worthy!!

So that when you look back at the end of your life
You don't feel empty!!!

What do you say?


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