Gods Must Be Crazy!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday when I was talking to my sister over phone…

She told me that they are going to TIRUPATHI today...

(My mother, sister, her daughter and my brother with his family)

The main reason behind this trip being…

To fulfill my brothers promise to the GOD.

That….if his venture is successfully completed and given to rent…

The first month's rent, (two lakh rupees)

He will donate to two of his favorite deities…

One lakh to the great lord Venkateswara of Tirupathi and

The other one lakh to the Sai Baba of Shirdi

While having the dinner at night…

I have mentioned the same thing with my family

(That is the time we do all sorts of discussions generally)

I don’t know why...may be the food effect!

I said…."he is giving one lakh rupees to God; instead he can feed so many poor".

My husband thinking that he is a little bit modest than my brother, suggested…

"There is nothing wrong in giving to God, but he should have chosen

A bit poor temple, somewhere in our neighborhood, so that they can utilize the money to improve the infra structure"

I interrupted….

"why he will give it to a nearby temple….

There the question is not giving the money to some God and some temple"

"He promised the sum to the God ….one who helped him to fulfill his dream project!

He knows the power and the fame of that God!"

My argument continued…..

"One can't say that

I will climb all the seven hills and come by walk to have darshan of the god…

If its temple in my adjacent area!

Any how one will walk down, if that’s the small, little temple in adjacent area!

Similarly…..one won't be offering something like Niluvu Dopidi

(Whatever gold ornaments you wear on your body at the time of offering)

In a local temple….we at the most offer a coconut!"

We have been doing it since centuries….

The Gods have been branded here

One God we approach to get visa

The other God famous for examination

And one more for producing children

"There is nothing wrong in what my brother doing

Why he will donate it to a poor temple with a God

With no power, rather I should say with a God who can't assure him of fulfilling his wish"

So….by the time we finished the discussions

I could realize that…..

Even among Gods there is tuff competition

The rich Gods are becoming richer and more popular day by day

And the poor gods are remaining in the dark!

All these days I use to wonder….

Why God is doing this injustice?"

Why he is making a poor man more poor and a rich person richer

Now I realized…..

He is struggling with his own thing to sort out over years

Where is the time for him to sort out our miseries?

What do you say?

May be I should seek blessings of some famous God…..

So that he won't get annoyed with what all I have written?


Cheer up….have a great day!


siva said…
In every line of your comment you mentioned ''GOD''. Do you know what it means actually? Your thoughts are so childish, and you said there is tough competition between gods. Are you crazy? We are creating the differences. God never build temples for him/herself. We build the temples for our convenience and prayer. Never use the term GODS. There is only one GOD. Offerings are not deals. In fact we are giving him/her a 1/100000000000th portion of what he gave us to live a 100 year life. Do you the price of all vital organs in your body? God gave them to you free of cost and you are enjoying all the earthly desires with 0 expense. Why do you bother so much about the NEEDY and POOR? What the governments are doing to them? Who cares them? Never pull the GOD into earthly and materialistic problems. He created the world and he wanted us to lead a life. Stop. He is not happy with that. He wanted us to look up and search for the reason behind his creation and at the end he wanted us to realize that GOD is MOOLA for whole universe.

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