Friend….You are Wrong!


You told me that….
“You and you are only responsible for your happiness”

I believed!
Because I trust you…I thought what you said is right!

But…today…after trying so hard for this many days….
I realized that you are wrong!

I can no more take the responsibility of my happiness
It’s not the case always that…I create chaos in my life!

I don’t live in isolation
I am surrounded by people
How can I ignore them?
How can I remain intact?

I am living
I am sensitive
I feel

Someone makes me cry and something makes me laugh
So it’s totally a mutual act!

How can I remain without any reaction?
When some action is going on in my surroundings

I am not a sage dear…
You know that…
I am just like you!
A simple human with a gentle heart!

Where shall I go?
What shall I do?

Just take out my heart and dump it some where
So that I can live…happily ever after

Tell me!


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