Isn’t It Good Time To Dump?

We women, specifically me, have the habit of clinging to things!
Of course same habit we extend to persons also….
We can’t get rid of anything so easily and as fast as men do!

Today morning I got up early (almost 1-1 1/2 hours, compare to my normal time)
So with lot of time at hand…which I rarely get….
I started looking around and found so many things kept in store for future usage!

We always do that…store the things!
This is going to help us that time and this one on that day!

I am sure (99.9999%)…. that time and day will never turn up!

Today may be I am in a mood for dumping things (which I rarely do)

So I took out all those things which I found was not going to be useful in near future…
Kept them in a bag and when my maid came told her to dispose off!

I was quite relieved!

I started thinking…
If something materialistic can give me this much pleasure!

What about all those...personal attachments?
Why can’t I dump people and their thoughts?

When I know that their term is over
When I know that they are nothing but curse
When I know that I can’t change the past and ….
I can’t go on think about what, why and who…

Once it’s over means …
Its over!

I am not history to live in the past!!

Isn’t it good time to dump?
All those people and their memories into the back yard
Who makes me irritated and frustrated….
To get refreshed!

Better late than never….
What do you say?

I am on that job now….
Let me see how much cleansing I can do!

Mean while…
You all have a nice day!


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