Bloody Shit Poetry........

I can’t say

How many days


How many years

The day you left me…
Time is stand still for me!

I am living just in the past
Dwelling in the moments I spent with you!

Thinking all the time....

How I use to talk to you
How you would listen to me

How I use to look at you
How you would stare at me

How you use to make me laugh
How you would console me

I still feel bizarre…
What made me to do that?

What’s the fun in letting you go dear?
Holding this deadly life all alone

You are not here
I became an isle

Watching life passing by
Writing this bloody shit poetry
Thinking of you!


Sri Valli said…
This isn't bloody shit poetry.....Awesome words you've penned....made me feel nostalgic....Beautifully written

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