Ego…. should not over rule reasoning!

Ego is one thing which rules many of us!
I agree one can and one will always of certain amount of ego and there is nothing wrong in it
But…I always feel that a person’s Ego…. should not over rule reasoning!

Recently we had some technical discussions in office
We are discussing about a particular rock type (syenite) and its classification using QAP diagram
A senior officer having different idea about the rock composition said that I am wrong!
There is nothing wrong in telling that the other person is wrong….
Anyone can be wrong…

But he commented that…
Even if the building is powdered and plotted in QAP it will give some rock name!
Being a petrologist for past twenty years I know that….
What he told is…illogical
QAP ….I will use only to classify a particular kind of igneous rock (phaneritic) having essentially those particular minerals (felsic)

Whether it’s scientific discussion or discussion on personal front
One should try to convince the person with reasoning
Not with dominance!!

If any one of you have seen Subash Ghai’s Taal movie
There is a beautiful scene
One of the family member breaks a glass and shouts loudly…
To show his annoyance…towards this guy loving heroine from poor family
Then the hero…will just break a half a dozen glasses and replies
“by breaking something and shouting loudly one can’t change the truth…
If that is the case….I too can break more and shout more”

To win your point…put forth something with reasoning not with ego
Ego should never over rule reasoning

You may think that you have won the argument
But remember….you are not winning the heart

Winning a heart is an art

Explaining a thing logically allows you ….
Not only to win the argument/ discussion….but also the person’s heart
What do you say??????


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