The Dirty Picture….

Day before I was watching "The Dirty Picture"….
Whole night I was sleep less thinking about the character SILK!
The problem with me is I think a lot….when I read, hear or see something sensitive!

The highlight of the movie is the suicide note
In which she questions about her mother …why she closed the door on her face instead of hugging!

It reminded me of one thing I always tell my two daughters…

“Whatever you do in life…
Whether it’s small or big mistake or even a blunder….
Never ever hesitate to tell me or come back to me…
I am always there to accept you!
Accept you with all your flaws!!”

And that’s all one wants…
To be accepted with one’s weaknesses

I always tell no one is perfectly perfect!
Everyone in this world is entitled to take some liberties…
To try and do some things of his/her choice….

By doing so, at times….they do commit certain unwanted things
Mistakes happen!! No one wants them!!

Don’t just discourage and discord them…
Because they did some mistake or some misdeed!

We are humans ….to err is human!
Give support to your loved ones when they are in need of it…

Criticizing a person is always easy…
Try to analyze their situation…their problem!
Understand them…from their point of view!

Give them the warmth and affection of yours….
Give them The Hug!


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