You still can't fence my thoughts!!

I never bothered to know ….
Who in this bloody world

Took this stupid decision

To build four walls and boundaries

To make some rules and few laws

Countries and continents….

All to divide people!

Why anyone should be told

Where to live…what to do

Why anyone should be controlled

Of their impulses and actions

How long and how much

A person can be controlled

In terms of space and speech

In terms of life and love

Hey world listen to me

Let me declare today

Limitations are ephemeral

Universe is eternal

God never made walls

Nature never obeyed laws!

Whatever is your technology….

You still can't fence my thoughts
They have no limits

No walls can bind them

No laws can control them

They are all mine

Spreading across the boundaries

Spreading across the minds

Without any restrictions

Touching all the hearts….


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