Don’t hesitate to lose…to win someone’s heart

I often seen people try their level best to win an argument or a discussion

They put forth all their efforts to see that …
The other person surrenders to them, showing a white flag!

Winning is certainly not bad…
But have you ever thought winning at the cost of what……
Have you ever tried to realize that you are winning at the cost of the other person…..?  

We all always strive to achieve something temporary… something materialistic… something really very small….
 From the point of view of total perspective of our relation with the other person

But rarely do we realize that…

We take it so casually...quoting philosophy….and saying….
“Winning and losing is part of life”

But have you ever tried to estimate what you are winning and what you are losing

What is the use of winning an argument over some silly issues with your in-laws …rather than winning the heart of your spouse?

What is the use of winning a discussion over some means of implementation of discipline in your children rather than winning their confidence?

What is the use of winning your point of view over some stupid clause rather than winning the faith/ trust of a dear friend?

We never realize the impact of all these things….which gradually build up and spoil the relation in its true sense

We lose the person….we lose the relation...we lose the confidence….  …and finally we ourselves lose the value as a person

Why can’t we learn that…one simple thing that..
It’s o.k to lose sometimes to win the heart of the person you love
It’s o.k to accept their point of view
It’s o.k to agree upon their feelings about something /someone

It’s not always necessary that two people match in all the aspects all the time
There is always a scope for difference of opinion

And one should realize that...  
difference of opinion doesn’t mean that…
The person is different… 
From what you have thought or what you have perceived

It’s a matter of choice all the time
Accept that and agree to that…
Sometimes …they too are right…

You might have to do little bit modifications to your rules for doing that

But I assure you... in the long run

All these little adjustments make you more acceptable
All these small loses will give you great benefits

You become more adorable and admirable

So don’t hesitate to lose…to win someone’s heart


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