Many many happy returns of the day!

The sea

The sand…

The sun

The shine

The breeze

The waves

The time

The moments

Part of me

Part of you

Everything remains there…

Frozen in the pages of history…

Everything remains intact!!

I look back often…

Standing on the other side of the horizon

Trying tirelessly ….

To melt those moments

To have them flowing!

To keep them fresh

To keep them alive!

Looking at those frozen moments

All that I could say…

Many many happy returns of the day!

The day….When….

I and you were "We"


Love is all around …I could see!!


Anonymous said…
Passionate work! I see that you have changed your blog layout as well it is much easier to access now
Susan said…
The ending was a surprise since the setting was so present and up front, but rereading brought more hesitancy into the poem's first lines--almost like the list was questions instead of things. This poem moved me!
I particularly love the short opening lines, which were almost like a song.
Sumana Roy said…
the deep yearning is very touching...

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