Are We Humans?

Sometimes I feel going to office at regular timings saves me from many problems
Though I often feel  that being a house wife is quite comfortable
Than attending dual jobs like me!

Really in the mad rush between home and office rarely I find time to read news paper  or watch T.V.
Quite often I forget even the important events/ dates…
I remember them when I get a holiday or sign a report.
But as  I am on leave since last 10days to attend my daughter writing board exams.
I am at quite at ease with my schedule

Leisure tea…hot hot breakfast/ lunch
Watching T.Vand more importantly reading news paper
I really enjoy reading news paper…the habit I forgot long back
But today after reading the paper…
I thought why the hell I have done …why the hell I am at home
If I would have gone  to work  I wouldn’t have got time to read ….think and suffer

How good are those people who can stick to their schedule
Without bothering about the surroundings
Really Ignorance is Bliss

But alas …I am not ignorant…I can’t stop thinking…
I can’t help but wonder in what kind of a society we are living in
What kind of a life …can I still call it as life?
Can I still think that we are humans?
Are we?

A 24-year-old’s breasts were cut off by people…after she refused to be pushed into flesh trade
A woman was burnt alive for allegedly spurning sexual advances
A young lady was murdered by her parents…as she married her colleague against their wishes
And to wind up
Sunanda’s  report hints a foul play

What is happening around us…
Who is responsible…
Who are the ones who can take others life into their control
And what we are doing ….except being the mere mute spectators

I think no one can be blamed
Everyone is right
Except we….the women
Who can’t be anything more than being a woman

Scarifying lives for a purpose
Who bothers in this big country….what is that purpose
Whether it’s satisfying a man’s desire or disability
We die and we live happily there after

Damn woman they can’t do anything
But vent their frustration for being woman….specially in this country
Where only man is a law maker and when times come a law breaker!

Thank you god…
Today you have made me to realize….

“ek baar commitment hogaya …mai kudh ka be nahe sununga”
True !

You made us...and now you cant change us!!


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