We are “the dots”…. on the same line!

From gaseous nebula to condensed Earth
Unicellular protozoa to vertebrate human
From nothingness to everything
From everything again to nothing
From dust to matter…Matter to dust
Its takes a full circle
 Earth is a sphere you know

I and you are two dots …On this great circle
At two distant points….located poles apart
Yet bound within the sphere…
Don’t think we are separate…
Don’t think we are only minute dots

We are “the dots”…. on the same line
In fact…without you and me
The circle is not complete
The circle is not circle….
Remember…we make the virtual..real
We confirm that earth is really sphere!

*Being a geologist for me time is a bigger sphere ...the formation of the Earth as planet to evolution of man. 


Mary said…
Yes, time is a continuum. And each hour would be a dot on the same line....and, as of yet, we don't know where the line will end. We are all connected somehow....in time.
alan1704 said…
Time is always there and that really comes over in your words. before us and after us, there is always time.
Laurie Kolp said…
I really like this... we are all connected.
Brian Miller said…
we are here so briefly in the grand scheme of things....little dots on the time line....but we def give texture to the world....
Poet Laundry said…
Matter, matters. We all do need each other on this big sphere!
gillena cox said…
Time like the sphere exists, we put meaning to it; luv your poem; this is my first encounter with a flip card blog; quite interesting

much love...

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