What else can I see......

What else can I see
When I am sure of you and me
Future never gets so secure
Life was never so pristine
Love made it all
Putting whole world into one
Making the one whole world

Holding your hand
When I look forward
Life seems so beautiful
Greenery all around with sprawling rose beds
Trust made it all
Believing in one thing called love
Loving a person whom you believe

Life certainly becomes certain
When you get right person in your stride
Future  definitely becomes evident
When  you get true reason to be alive 

(FOR POETS UNITED,Midweek Motif ~ Prescience / Foresight)


Susan said…
Such joy! The unity of love is accessible to all, but rarely so well expressed as in this couple's happiness. It makes me want to shout out "Happy Anniversary" and "Happy Unity."
PT said…
Great Susan.... I too will join you!
humbird said…
Holding the hand of right person, feeling the future, the reason to be alive...~ how beautiful is that!
moondustwriter said…
The future is undaunting when you have that love. beautiful words
Sumana Roy said…
'Future definitely becomes evident'...this is such a comfortable feel....
Ah yes, such certainty is wonderful!
Aditi said…
Lovely...this is the kind of special bond that one looks for in their partner!

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