In to the eternal skies…

Holding the heart in one hand  
And time in another
Trying to fix them in the closet
Began the journey called Life

Running from this end to that
Life never seem dormant
Until you arrived at a station
A station called enchantment

Then there are no solo walks
Then there are no qualm nights
Love become the theme of the day
You become the means of the life

Days just passed…time just flied
Though I was traveling…
With you… life was quite still

I never knew when it happened
I never knew how it happened
You left me one day in midst of journey
Without any signal…without any hint

You left me all alone in this world
Leaving behind your memories

Holding you close to my heart
Now I travel only to reach up to you…
In to the eternal skies…
Where there are no stations
To part our ways…

(for Poetry Jam, Prompt: Trains and Train Changers)


Peggy said…
I really cannot make out the words to your poem with the purple on black. I will recheck later and see if you change the colors somehow. Thanks for coming to PJ
PT said…
Sorry Peggy for the inconvenience...Hope you will take time again to revisit my blog.
Susan Lindquist said…
Finding someone dear who has left us on life's voyage ... what a lovely thought!

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