Savor The Food

Steaming rice…
Hot Pepper Rasam
Holding a Papad to munch
Grabbing a morsel quickly
Gulping down the mouth
I  never knew till I took into my mouth
That I was so hungry
Food never tasted so good

After days of desiccation
With fever killing all taste buds
This  moment of appetizing
Gives a feel …truly…heavenly
How true…when everything falls on palate
Never I could realize…
How valuable you are
How much I should cherish you
Being most fulfilling part of life
Food…True….even today
You are most undisputed king of all our requirements

How true….hunger rules
Whether it’s your instincts
Or your principal

*This is the spontaneous hunger poetry...after 6 days of high fever today afternoon when I took food I really felt heavenly)

(For Poetry Jam: Savor The Food)


Brian Miller said…
nice...there are def meals that i have had after not eating a bit...that when you put it in your mouth is like ecstacy....a euphoria...and it has never felt so good to capture that well...
alan1704 said…
Nothing better than food you missed after a fever. I always have a longing for Gin and Bitter Lemon when i feel ill, good job it is not that often. Nicely done.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I can feel how welcome those mouthfuls were.
Mary said…
The first meal after being ill is always a special one. You have written that theme well!
Mary said…
PT, I trust you will visit the blogs of others who have responded to your poem, as we all enjoy comments as much as you do. Thanks.
madhumakhi said…
I could taste a full south Indian sapad :) Vivid description of food. I liked these lines, especially-
'Food…True….even today
You are most undisputed king of all our requirements'
Peggy said…
Never thought of how good food can taste after you have not eaten for a while for whatever reason. Sounds like you were quite ill--hope this is well in the past! I enjoyed tasting along with you here.
PT said…
Come home Peggy....we can together cherish the taste of Rasam-Rice

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