Bottle you are the one

Size doesn’t matter

Shape doesn’t matter

Irrespective of the contents

You hold everything firm

Never allowing it to spill

Never letting it to chill

You will keep it warm all the time

You keep the fragrance

You keep the freshness

You will keep it fiery all the time

You know it’s not permanent

You know it’s for time being

Still you take care

Still you pamper….

You never complain...

You never curse

Let it be …liquid

Let it be …solid

You never mend your ways

You keep them straight

You make them safe

Bottle you are the one

Who hold them tight

Till it leaves you albeit

(Poetry Jam: Bottle the Bottles)


Donna Smith said…
"You hold everything firm" - that is so true.
Peggy said…
Yes, all kinds of bottles holding all kinds of things! Good ole bottles! Thanks for responding to the prompt and posting,
Nicholas V said…
We find containers to keep things trapped in them and under control. What happens when the bottle breaks, I wonder?
PT said…
everything becomes open...transparent!

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