Life must go on!

When I look at you
I look back at life

How it varied…
In different phases
How it altered
In different segments

Were you same
Who changed faces?
Were you different?
Who appeared same?

I recollect all those moments
Being a Dad’ little girl
I remember all those times
Being with a free young mind

Tender thoughts...brilliant ideas
Life was all so perfect
Being a girl was all real fun
Being a woman… never a smooth run

Growing up brought different shades
Not only in thought…but even in deeds

Sometimes others...sometimes dear ones…
Everyone traded for their console
Everyone treated with same feel

I don’t think anyone ever tried…
To estimate the esteem of me…a woman
A daughter…a sister
A wife…and a mother
A woman who give life to them
A woman who makes their life so live

But I know …!
How worthy I am…
I look back at myself
I pat on my back
Move ahead in life

Because…I know
Woman = Life
And life must go on!

(Poets United, Midweek Motif ~ Honoring Woman/ Women's Achievements)


M.Z said…
Life must really go on! Amazing poem, showing the different roles women have to take on through life! I can only imagine how tough it must be! I should be lucky being male, females have much more trouble to go through life!
Susan said…
A powerful call out to be an individual and have pride no matter how social forces make you invisible. I experienced too that switch over from being a cute novelty to being gendered and stereotyped. How fortunate those who find an equal partner in this world!
Jae Rose said…
Brilliantly's never easy is it but recognising the good things in ourselves is so important
Sumana Roy said…
that pat is a necessity to carry on...nice lines
PT said…
Thank you buddies for all your appreciation.

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